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Articles » "Mother Teresa Remembered" published on September 17, 2012

Mother Teresa Remembered

"Mother Teresa Remembered" published on September 17, 2012

Mother Teresa Remembered

"What was the most painful incident of your life" Navin Chawla, IAS, ex-Chief Election Commissioner of India and the official biographer of Mother Teresa had once asked the Saint of the Gutters. And the Mother had recounted how, while walking on the streets of a city shed did not wish to name, she had heard a growing human voice from behind a garbage dump. The voice was that of a dying lady whom the Mother, with the help of the accompanying sister had taken to her local home. After cleaning the wretched lady and administering medical aid, the Mother had asked the lady as to who had left her alone in the dumps to die?

The lady had told the astounded Mother that it was her own son who had thrown her to the garbage bin, having forced her to sign her last will and testament. The Mother told the lady that the time was near to meet her maker and that she should forgive her son so that she may go in peace at which the lady, a mother herself, expressed her inability to cleanse her soul of the hatred she he harbored against her son.

Gently tending the dying lady with saintly compassion, the Mother touched and transformed her and as she prayed for her, the lady’s life flickered out but before that she looked at the Mother and told her that she had forgiven her son and a smile spread across her face. In death she was blessed.

This was one of the various anecdotes from the life and times of Mother Teresa that Navin Chawla shared with the St. Xavier’s College auditorium packed with nuns and sisters from the Missionaries of Charity, Rev. Fathers, professors, alumni members and students of the college.

Initiated by Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, the Principal of the College and a close associate of the Mother, the programme was graced by HG. Rt. Rev. Thomas D’Souza, the Archbishop of Calcutta and the Superior General of the Missionaries of Charities

Snehasish Sur,the immediate Past Secretary of the SXCCAA conducted the proceedings while Firdausul Hasan, Hon. Secretary gave the vote of thanks.

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