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"Relevance of Mother Teresa in today’s context", an interaction with Mr. Navin Chawla organised by Aspen Institute India in Kolkata on May 5, 2011

Interaction on
“Relevance of Mother Teresa in today’s context”
Mr Navin Chawla, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India
5th May 2011, Kolkata

Mr. Navin Chawla, Former Chief Election Commissioner (left) & Mrs. Rita Bhimani, Corporate Public Relations Consultant (right) 5th May, 2011, Kolkata.

A portrait of Mother Teresa as a Management Guru, amongst her other roles, was emphasized by Navin Chawla, former Chief Election Commissioner and Author of Mother Teresa on 5th May in Kolkata in an interactive Session organized by the Kolkata chapter of the Aspen Institute of India.

Mr Chawla addressed a large group of people from all walks of life including Sisters and Brothers of the Missionaries of Charity, Corporate leaders, Consulates and students at the Assembly of God Church auditorium. He talked about his personal experiences over his 23 years of association with Mother Teresa.

According to Mr Chawla, Mother Teresa was a multi dimensional figure, both simple & complex at the same time. Her faith, compassion and religion aside, Mother Teresa had all the qualities of a Manager — grit, determination and getting the odds to work for her. Moreover she learnt to multitask. “How else can one nun set up an order that is spread across 123 countries? She created a multinational enterprise but with a different motive than that of business and that, too, without accountants, computers or cellphones,” said Navin Chawla. Her Management Model was also “different”. She ran the organization through people. “She set up a base and then found people who would form a chain around that and work for her and that is how it expanded,” he said. From a geography teacher at Loreto Convent to a Nun whose persistence got Rome a soup kitchen, Mr Chawla narrated the journey of Mother. The interactive session that followed covered everything — from Mother Teresa’s sense of humour to her controversial crusade against contraception and abortion.

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